No. 3 Botanical Perfume

  • QAR 195,00

Inspired by Marble & Milkweed's passion for the alchemical magic that happens between roses and cardamom, this scent features notes of wood and spice layered over an autumn meadow of rose and hay, supported by the sweet warmth of exotic resins and balsams. The base of organic jojoba oil feels like nectar and nourishes the skin wherever it is worn.

top: cardamom, pink pepper, himalayan cedarwood

heart: rose, immortelle, beeswax

base: opoponax, tonka, labdanum

All Marble & Milkweed scents are entirely botanical, no synthetics are used. Our botanical fragrances are earthy and spicy; they bloom and evolve upon contact with the warmth of the skin.

Choosing a fragrance is a highly personal matter! We recommend trying a small sample before committing to a full-sized perfume.

Each glass roll-on bottle has a glass roller-ball and contains 5 grams of liquid botanical fragrance.

Each glass twist-top pot contains 5 grams of solid botanical fragrance in a local beeswax base.

ingredients: organic jojoba oil, (our proprietary blend of 100% botanical essential oils, resin and absolutes) pink pepper, himalayan cedarwood, cardamom, rose, hay, beeswax, immortelle, tonka, opoponax, labdanum

As always, please consult your doctor about using any product containing essential oils if you are pregnant or nursing.

All Marble & Milkweed products are made by hand and with love, in New York City.