Sama's Story


Sama draws inspiration from nature, people, culture, and art. It is a celebration of the many unique cultures and people that inhabit our planet and the stories they tell through their traditional practices and handicrafts.

Each individual product has been handpicked by the company’s founder herself – it is her way of sharing the beauty of the world with you in a personal and convenient way. Every product is one-of-a-kind and has a story to tell – who made it, where was it made and how.

Sama’s philosophy is centered around sustainability, artistic and cultural appreciation, sharing, and creating opportunities. It is for this reason that every product sold at Sama has been handcrafted by emerging artists and traditional craftspeople using all natural materials.

Sama has great appreciation for those who share our values and is always looking for ways to support and collaborate with them.

Eventually, it is Sama’s ambition to evolve from a provider to a producer of culture and art. In this next phase, the collection will include Sama-branded products that have been locally designed to reflect Sama’s spirit.