Sama's Story

Our Story

Sama is a lifestyle brand that lies at the intersection of culture and community. Our name directly translates to ‘sky’ in Arabic—an entity we have always been inspired by as it is boundless and all-encompassing. The sky is something that we as humans all connect to and as a brand, that is our ultimate goal—connection. Initially launching in 2017 as an online storefront, Sama has grown into its own as a concept store and is continuing to evolve into a meeting place and café experience. We established Capsulic, a trademarked, emerging designed sub-brand meant to inspire and evoke the unexpected.

Our Products

We offer a wide range of authentic and exclusive products designed and produced in-house in Qatar that are cherished by tourists and locals alike. Our unique products are sustainably sourced and use strictly environmentally friendly materials as we care about the planet just as much as we care about people. We like to think of ourselves as a premium souvenir shop that offers chic and timeless mementos for all who cross our path. 

Our Values

In today’s world, it’s imperative for brands to fulfill their social responsibility and we hold ourselves to extremely high standards. To put it simply, we care about people, culture, art, and the environment and infuse these values into all that we do and create. Sama is a social brand which means that we’re always on the hunt for meaningful collaborations and great conversation. Our space doubles as a social experience and acts as a meeting place for people who attain and appreciate similar values through cafe offerings, events, and workshops.