Paper Cups - Maximalist Edition

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Delight Your Senses with Our Unique Maximalist Paper Cups!

Dive into the vibrant tapestry of Qatar's rich heritage and contemporary charm with our exclusive collection, "Qatar Visions: A Maximalist Fusion." This artistic collaboration encapsulates the essence of Qatari culture, celebrating the intricate blend of tradition and modernity through the medium of real watercolor paintings. Elevate your beverage experience with our vibrant maximalist designed Paper Cups, where culture, art, and functionality blend seamlessly, making every sip a delightful journey through tradition of old and new..


  • Design: Choose from 2 captivating themes - The Dhow scene and The Gathering scene - both inspired by Arabic culture, heritage, and tradition
  • Capacity: 10 oz size, perfect for your favorite hot or cold beverages
  • Material: Double-walled food-grade paper cups with a high-quality lid, ensuring your drinks stay at the perfect temperature while providing a comfortable grip
  • Print: Enjoy high-quality printing that beautifully highlights the watercolor illustration design effect, making every cup a work of art
  • Available: set of 40, set of 20, and set of 10

Why Choose Our Paper Cups?

Cultural Charm: Embrace the essence of Arabic heritage with our unique designs, transforming your beverage experience into a cultural journey.

Perfect Insulation: The double-walled construction and high-quality lid maintain the ideal temperature for both hot and cold drinks, enhancing your drinking pleasure.

Artistic Touch: Each cup is printed with original watercolor illustration design, adding a touch of artistry to your daily refreshments.

Memorable Moments: Whether it's a family gathering or a solo moment of relaxation, our maximalist designed  paper cups elevate every drink, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary experiences.