Playing Cards with Leather Case Set - Qatar

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The card face graphics are fully customized, and the card backs include the distinguished emblem printed using high-quality and eco-friendly Pantone colors that are matching with the country’s official tones. Overall, the whole deck is made of durable card material that features a glossy surface feel  perfect for a smooth shuffle and handling experience.


Two Deck of Playing Cards

  • Poker Size: 63*88, round corner
  • 100 % PVC, and Materials and Inks are eco-friendly and biodegradable
  • One Deck contains 54 cards (including one colored and one black and white identical Jokers)
  • Country emblem printed in a Pantone shade of the country’s colors
  • Front Surface is an exclusive custom graphic
  • Finish: Glossy and frosted
  • Carefully packaged in a paper packaging with inspired emblem print

Leather Wallet

  • Dimension: W14.5xH10xL3.5cm
  • Functional wallet features designed to carry and protect the deck cards
  • Two pockets that perfectly fits the two deck playing cards
  • The wallet is made of vegan leather material
  • Minimal and classic style
  • Inspired Emblem is embossed
  • Single button Closure

The playing cards set includes two decks which are perfectly fitted and packaged inside a premium leather wallet for protection and convenience.